No deal to offer refuge to Seif Gaddafi: British PM

Muammar Gaddafi’s son, Seif, was previously a regular visitor to Britain.

Washington: British Prime Minister David Cameron has denied reports of offering Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s son, Seif al-Islam Gaddafi, any special deal or treatment if he wishes to leave Libya, Downing Street officials have said.

According to The Telegraph, Seif will now be treated in the similar way like his father after making a series of outrageous statements over the past few weeks. He was previously a regular visitor to Britain and was close to politicians and businessmen.

The clarification came as reports claimed that one of Seif’s key aides had travelled to Britain earlier this week to discuss a possible exit deal for the dictator’s son with intelligence officials there. But Whitehall sources denied such claims.

The paper quoted Cameron’s official spokesman as saying that: "If people are in the UK, they are subject to UK law."

Insisting that Seif would face the same consequences like his father, the spokesman said: "We have a very clear view about the present regime and those people involved in that regime.”

It is believed that MI6 is currently negotiating with 12 people in the Libyan regime who wish to defect like Moussa Koussa, the Libyan foreign minister.

Earlier, media reports had claimed of getting information from MI6 officers that they had held ‘several’ conversations with close allies of Gaddafi’s heir over the past three weeks, and had indicated that they are prepared to offer the family an exit route. This had raised hopes among the international community that Seif was considering betraying his father.

Security sources had reportedly said that Seif, who has close links to Britain, was trying to get an idea about how he would be received if he happens to flee Libya.

“There have been several contacts in recent weeks. Saif knows a lot of people in Britain and knows how to get in touch with the security services. Recently it has been through middle men. There have been repeated efforts to take the temperature. He’s also talking to the Italians,” a security source had said.

It was also claimed that they had sent the message that Seif would be allowed to land in Britain if he were to repeat the defection of Kusa, and added that he would be not be able to play any role in Libya in the future.


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