`US-China ties one of most important bilateral ties`

The White House has said that the US-China relationship is the one of the world`s most important bilateral ties right now.

Washington: Days ahead of the meeting between US President Barack Obama and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao in New York, the White House has said that the US-China relationship is the one of the world`s most important bilateral ties right now.

"We`ve had a very clear view of the US-China relationship, which is that it is one of the absolutely most important bilateral relationships in the world. It`s essential for dealing with a range of challenges; that we can build constructive and positive cooperation on issues where we have common interests, where there are many, while also disagreeing on those issues where we differ," Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Thodes told reporters at a news briefing.

Rhodes said a wide range of issues would be discussed between the two leaders in the meeting.

Besides the bilateral and economic ties, it would also include Iran and non-proliferation, he said, adding Chinese support was very critical to the Iran resolution at the UN Security Council which sent a very clear message to Iran that there are consequences for its actions.

"In fact, the President, in his speech last year at the UN, said very clearly that we were extending Iran the opportunity of a better relationship with the United States and the international community should it live up to its obligations," he said.

"The President also said last year at the UN that there needed to be consequences for Iran if it didn`t meet those obligations, because, again, international law must mean something. And Iran`s continued violations of the MPT and failure to live up to its non-proliferation obligations needed to lead to consequences," he added.

Iran will be one of the topic of discussion besides global economy, the ongoing coordination with the Chinese and other nations to ensure balance and sustainable growth that could create jobs and lasting economic growth in the US and around the world.

"They`ll also address non-proliferation broadly, which would include not just Iran but, of course, North Korea and its need to live up to its obligations. They`ll have an opportunity to discuss the President`s upcoming trip where he`ll be able to engage further with China at the G20 and APEC," he said.
"So I expect there to be a broad agenda at his bilateral meeting and I expect it to build on the kinds of talks he had with the Chinese since coming into office, while also setting the table for some of the work that we`ll be doing at the G20 and APEC out in Asia in November," Rhodes added.

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