Xi Jinping says China to open up more on economic front

China`s new leader Xi Jinping said there is no "stopping" of the opening up of the country.

Guangzhou: Sending a firm message about deepening reforms on his first outing from Beijing, China`s new leader Xi Jinping said there is no "stopping" of the opening up of the country.

Winding up his five day visit to Guangdong province, where China`s first major reforms were initiated by Mao`s successor Deng Xiaoping in 1980s, Xi summed up his future policies saying "no stop in reform, and no stop in opening up."

Xi, who was elected as General Secretary of the Party last month succeeding Hu Jintao, will take over as President in March next year.

During his trip, Xi reiterated, "Reform and opening up was a great awakening in the CPC`s history".

His references to reforms were presumed to be limited only to economic reforms and not political reforms, which the previous Chinese leadership also avoided.

This "great awakening" gave rise to both the theories and the practices of the new era, Xi said referring to first three SEZ projects launched in Guangdong and development of Shenzhen a small fishing village into a giant industrial hub in three decades after Deng initiated reforms.

Briefing a group of visiting foreign journalists about Xi`s visit, Fu Ling, Director General of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, attached to the Guangdong province said thanks to reforms the province posted highest rankings in China`s economy for the 26 years.

Guangdong`s GDP stood at USD 820 billion amounting to one ninth of China`s GDP.

Its trade volume stood at USD 910 billion 25 percent of China`s over all foreign trade, he said.

The per capita income for the province stood at USD 7800 last year over USD 3000 more than the national average, Fu said adding that all this was possible due to reforms initiated by Deng.

Xi hailed reform and opening up as "the source of vitality" in the development of modern China, as well as "a magic tool" for the Party and the Chinese people to use to keep pace with the times, Xinhua reported.

"Reform and opening up is the only route that must be taken to adhere to and develop socialism with Chinese characteristics," he said.

Xi stressed that China`s reform has come to a juncture where it will be more complicated to tackle difficult issues, and the Party should deepen reform in vital fields with more political courage and wisdom in a timely manner.

Deepening reform and opening up requires firm confidence, consensus, comprehensive planning and coordinated steps, Xi said adding that reform and opening up is a "win-or-lose movement" for deciding China`s fate and determining whether the country will achieve the goals meant to be achieved by 2021 and 2049.

It is also a movement that will contribute to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, he said.

Implementing development, freeing minds and carrying out reform and opening up are endless tasks, Xi said.

"To pause or reverse the reform and opening up will lead to a dead end.

"We should dare to tackle difficulties and venture along dangerous paths to break through barriers to reform presented by ideological differences and vested interests," Xi said.


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