New `wonder drug` could help make diabetes history

London: A new drug that has the capability of blocking the advancement of the most acute form of diabetes in its early stages has been found to be very `effective` in preliminary trials.

The latest results of the trial of teplizumab showed that the `wonder drug` helped stop the complete destruction of insulin producing cells in half of those taking part, the Daily Express reported.

The new drug has opened up the real possibility that, if the disease is diagnosed early enough, the onset of full-blown Type 1 diabetes could be halted before irreparable damage like blindness, heart disease, kidney failure and the need for limb amputations is done.

The trial results showed that the patients benefitting most were those who still had relatively good control of their blood sugar levels and only a moderate need for insulin injections.

Most of the trial patients were under 14 years old and had been diagnosed within eight weeks of the start of the trials.

The patients responding to the drug were able to maintain their insulin production for the full two years of the trial.

The findings have been published online in the journal Diabetes.